Clarice is the grand dame of the ewes. She is calm and a good companion. She is the mother of Barney, the next ram in line to the throne.

Peppermint Patti

Peppermint Pattie is as cool as her name, and just as sweet. She is the mother of Topaz (born in 2022). She is pregnant is this photo, taken three days before giving birth in 2023

Uncle Ricky

Uncle Ricky is the alpha male of the flock. He thinks he's in charge. Always a good idea to keep your eyes open around Uncle Ricky. He loves to prove that he's the 'big dog' by head butting you. Sometimes he is referred to as 'butt head.' :)

Lizzie Purl

Lizzie Purl is the mother of Sapphire (2022), and of twins this year(2023)! She is a great mother, although is a little more partial to her daughter than her son.


Vixie may be the friendliest of the crew. She is always happy to let you scratch her neck. She is very gentle and you don't have to call her twice for dinner.


Our first Montana jewel, Opal joined the flock in 2021. She was just a wee lamb, and part of the 'original seven' that got things started.


Titan is also one of the 'original seven.' He is a wether ram (castrated male) that came along as a companion to Uncle Ricky. He is intelligent and wary, and has a mind of his own.


Barney is our handsome one year old ram. He was the first lamb ever born at Blaine View Farm. He dreams of the day he will rule the roost. For now, he leaves the aggressive behavior to Uncle Ricky, but he is keeping one eye open to how things are done around the farm.


Definitely the fan favorite of the flock. He IS the black sheep of the family. Actually, he is technically considered 'blue' by Leicester Longwool designation. Hence the name 'Blue-y Armstrong.'


This Montana gem joined the flock in 2022. She's in charge of cute. Always curious, but somewhat shy.


The youngest of the Montana gems, Topaz also joined the flock in 2022. She is pals with Sapphire. They are practically inseparable.

2023 lambs

We have four new lambs this year. They have won the hearts of all that see them. There is nothing cuter than a happy, young lamb.

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